Duddleswell Tea Rooms


Tea Rooms History.

History of the Tea Rooms

The oldest part of the tea room is the private area known as Fern Cottage, shown on a detailed survey in 1658 occupied by one Richard Miller. There are no further records of occupants until 1809 when William and Sarah Trunk lived in the original Cottage and had four children. Sadly Sarah died shortly after the birth of her fourth child and William re-married and went on to have a further six children with his second wife Mary. In 1882 John Coleman, formerly a grocer in Fairwarp, opened the Tea Rooms as a general village stores & bakery selling everything from shoes, boots, coal and chicken feed to bales of hay.

To accommodate his ever expanding family the main house was added which is now the tea rooms.

Edward Scrase took over the business in 1935 with his wife and two children. They introduced the Post Office, cream teas and often let the old cottage as bed and breakfast for passing tourists.

The general stores and tea rooms continued into the seventies when the owners at that time gradually phased out the stores and concentrated on the ever expanding cream teas sales.

The owners since 2006 are brother and sister John and Tanya.

Owners in 1935 standing outside the Tea Rooms
Mr & Mrs Scrase outside the Tea Rooms in 1935